3 Reasons Collective Action and Community-wide Fundraising Work

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3 Reasons Collective Action and Community-wide Fundraising Work

One of our main focuses at United Way Simcoe Muskoka is fundraising for our Community Fund. The resources are directed to local agencies tackling social problems in our communities that match up with our priority areas.

Sometimes we’re asked why someone wouldn’t just donate directly to individual agencies. We’ll never suggest a donor not give to a specific cause that’s important to them. There are a few reasons why giving to our Community Fund makes sense if your goal is to have your donation make the greatest local impact possible.

Here are our top three reasons:

Manage Fundraising so Agencies can Focus on Service Delivery

We help agencies to focus on their core work. With limited staff members and time, our assistance with fundraising means agency staff can focus on delivering their important services in our communities.

Match funding to Need

We make sure money is directed to identified needs in Simcoe Muskoka that align with our three priority areas. Many charities are doing meaningful work, but are flying under the radar. A charity with a higher profile might attract more support. Some charities even have reserve funds to sustain them. Our model matches funds to actual need—putting money where it’s needed most.

Build Collective Influence

We’re stronger together. We have a louder voice across the region and at community tables when we work together to improve local lives.

Our Cause is Our Community

We call our systematic approach to local change Community Impact: measurable, cumulative and lasting change that improves lives and builds resilient communities.

We invest in the work of a number of registered charities each year that are working on the frontlines to address social problems. For example, to tackle a large priority like poverty, we need to address various factors that contribute to poverty, including housing, transportation, employment, literacy, health, and early childhood development. Through our Community Fund, we work collaboratively to address these issues.

When you donate to United Way Simcoe Muskoka, you’re strengthening the collective safety net. No amount is too small, and every donation stays local.

It’s giving simplified and impact multiplied. Please donate today.

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