What is Youth United?
  • Youth United involves groups of youth striving to make meaningful change in Simcoe County, the District of Muskoka, and/or the Town of the Blue Mountains.
  • Youth United provides small grants up to $2,500 to groups of young people to put their ideas to action.
What are the main goals of the Youth United program?
  • Youth become active and involved in their community.
  • Youth leadership will be identified, developed and supported.
  • Youth realize their potential to create sustainable change.
What kind of youth projects are United Way Simcoe Muskoka interested in supporting?
Projects that:
  • Create youth-led visible change in our community
  • Help youth increase and strengthen their leadership skills and develop new abilities
  • Motivate and encourage other youth to become involved in the communities of Simcoe County, the District of Muskoka, and/or the Town of the Blue Mountains
  • Create opportunities and solutions for communities
  • Encourage youth to form new connections and work collaboratively with networks and organizations in Simcoe County, the District of Muskoka, and/or the Town of the Blue Mountains
  • Benefit local communities through the participation in neighbourhood activities to improve quality of life
How much is the grant?

Each grant is a maximum amount of $2,500

Do I have to apply for the maximum $2,500 grant?

No, apply for the amount of funds appropriate for your project to be successful (for example, if it will only take $500 to make your project idea happen, you only need to apply for that funding amount)

How can I get involved with Youth United?
When is the deadline for applications?

UWSM will accept project applications between February 1, 2018 and March 19, 2018 at 4:30 PM.

What if I am a youth with an idea but don’t have a community organization (Community Advisor) to work with?

Not a problem! Contact UWSM so we can help you connect with an organization! Please see our contact information below.

What if I am a community organization representative who has an idea but no youth to carry it out?

We can help you too! Contact UWSM so we can help you connect with a group of youth looking for a Community Partner (registered charity) to support their project.

Do you have any resources to assist in the application process?

Our Community Impact staff is happy to help with your application process! If you have any questions or concerns with writing your grant application, finding an organization to work with, or anything else regarding Youth United, please contact us! (Please refer to our contact info below.)

Who will make funding decisions for each project application?

Our Youth Council is made up of volunteers who are responsible for reviewing all applications and deciding which projects will receive funding.

Funding decisions will be made in April and applicants will be notified soon after.

If you would like to volunteer for our Youth Council, please click here.

Who will distribute funds for each project approved for funding?

UWSM will distribute funds at the end of April, after selected youth-led project teams have been approved. A Funding Agreement must be signed by the Community Partner (registered charity) and Project Team Leader to receive funds.

What happens if I receive the grant but do not use all of the funds (i.e., if there is left over money from the grant after the project ends)?

Unused funds must be returned to UWSM; we request that copies of all receipts be sent in upon final reporting.

If you have more questions about our Youth United Grant Program please contact:

Jenna Thorkildsen
UWSM Programs Coordinator, Community Impact
705-726-2301, ext. 2040