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United Way Simcoe Muskoka Wayfinders are a unique group of donors who support the most vulnerable in our communities through monthly giving.

The Wayfinders Monthly Giving Program is a group of United Way Simcoe Muskoka donors who enjoy the convenience of online monthly donations while driving a bigger impact than they could with a single, large donation.

Wayfinders are a special community of philanthropists that are dedicated to helping the most vulnerable in our community and changing lives right here at home.

With your support, the United Way Simcoe Muskoka has assisted vulnerable Simcoe Muskoka residents and their families. Here are the words of hope from a local resident:

“I am a widow and I have zero food in the house. My husband was ill and passed away leaving not much money. These funds were given to me in the most gracious manner. I felt treated like a real person which was better than receiving the actual funds themselves.”

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Benefits of being a Wayfinder

Bigger Impact


Exclusive Insights

Bigger Impact

By being a monthly donor, your gifts add up. You come together with other Wayfinders to drive change together, to make a collective impact on our communities.

And you might not realize it, but monthly donations allow charities to predict and manage their finances better, lowering administrative costs and making every dollar go further.


Making larger gifts can be difficult. Monthly giving is easier on your wallet and can be more easily worked into your budget than a bigger gift.

Being a Wayfinder is not about breaking the bank but coming together to strengthen our communities together, making a bigger impact than we could alone.

Exclusive Insights

Wayfinders look forward to emails, because you know that you will be getting more updates about your impact and less asks for donations.

You will also get a monthly Wayfinders-only update that highlights the impact you and other Wayfinders have had, photos, testimonials, event invites and more!

When you give monthly, you are setting yourself apart from other donors as someone who is committed to a better Simcoe Muskoka for the 60,000+ residents currently living in poverty.

So, are you a Wayfinder?