#HopeMoves – Muskoka YWCA Moves!

Show your #LocalLove and support Muskoka YWCA Moves!

Want to support the Muskoka YWCA Moves? Use the form on this page to help their fundraising efforts and support poverty reduction work in Simcoe Muskoka.

If you are supporting an individual team member, please make sure to include their name in your gift. This way they can be eligible for a raffle prize and get the credit they deserve for assisting the most vulnerable in Simcoe Muskoka.

If you are fulfilling a pledge, please use the following formula to figure out your total gift and choose the Other option on the form to enter a custom amount:

Amount pledged x Days player goal was met = Total donation

For example, if you pledged $5 per day your sponsored participant met their goal and they were active for half an hour for ten days, then your total donation would be $50 ($5 x 10 days).

Support YWCA Muskoka Moves!

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