Thank you for tuning in to our first-ever

UWSM Broadcast: Social Isolation

What does it mean to be isolated? What health risks – social, mental and physical – does isolation pose? How does isolation affect specific groups and communities in Simcoe Muskoka? What can you do to help?

Find the answers to these questions and more in our deep-dive into social isolation in the first-ever UWSM Broadcast. You can listen to the Broadcast on this page or click the button below the audio player to download the sound file. You can also download the transcript of the Broadcast and references from the presentation.

We hope you enjoy this Broadcast and come away from it not only knowing more about this important topic, but inspired to learn more and help our residents and communities.

If you have any difficulties accessing the Broadcast, click here to get in touch with us.


Thank you to our local experts who helped make this Broadcast possible:

Jenn Pfrimmer from Muskoka Seniors

Gerry Croteau from The Gilbert Centre

Meghan Young from the Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle

Susan Dawes from Independent Living Services of Simcoe County & Area