United Way Simcoe Muskoka Tax Clinic

Free and Confidential Income Tax Clinics

(Essa Township and New Tecumseth)

United Way Simcoe Muskoka offers this vital, free tax preparation service to individuals and families, seniors and persons with disabilities with low incomes in partnership with the Canada Revenue Agency Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP).

Individuals should file a tax return to continue receiving government benefits – (this includes Trillium benefits, Child Tax Benefits, etc.) We all understand that tax season can be difficult – and tax preparation fees can be prohibitive to many. Some folks and families miss out on important tax-free income, simply because they don’t, or can’t, file an annual tax return.

Do you know someone who needs help with their income taxes? Please share this information with them.

How we help:

A woman who was behind in 20+ years of taxes and had school debt was able to get a portion of her taxes complete and have them up to date. She will receive benefits moving forward that she is eligible for. This individual had deep fear regarding the government and what the steps would look like in regards to getting her taxes done.”.

A woman who had been in an abusive relationship, and was afraid financially, was able to get many years of taxes complete. She was unsure of the impact of getting her taxes done, and what qualifying for benefits looked like.”.

A man who was paralyzed by his trauma, began to rebuild his life, starting with his many years’ worth of taxes.”.

Multiple seniors who needed a low barrier service accessed the tax clinic as it was easy to access service, quick turnaround and was free. Many of their young adult children reached out on their parents behalf to support them on the journey.”.

A sister supported brother with his taxes. He has difficult going into the community alone and suffers with mental health, making crowds and formal places difficult to attend. The library was a great place to have some privacy and was close by.”.

We had agencies and organizations reach out on behalf of their participants.”.

Am I Eligible

To be eligible for the program you must meet the following two criteria:

  1. Be a resident of Essa Township or New Tecumseth
  2. Your total family income cannot exceed the income noted per family size in the chart below:
Family size Total family income
1 person $35,000
2 persons $45,000
3 persons $47,500
4 persons $50,000
5 persons $52,500
More than 5 persons $52,500 plus $2,500 for each additional person

Volunteers Cannot Help With the Following Type of Tax Returns:

  • Deceased persons
  • Bankrupt individuals
  • Capital gains or losses
  • Employment expenses
  • Business or rental income and expenses
Tax Clinic Locations

New Tecumseth Public Library – 17 Victoria St E, Alliston, ON L9R 1V6

Essa Public Library – 8505 County Rd 10 Unit 1, Angus, ON L0M 1B1

Register for an appointment

To register for an appointment contact us at taxclinic@uwsimcoemuskoka.ca or call 1-866-496-6805

What Documents Do I Need to Have Prepared for My Appointment

You Will Need the Following Documents For Your Appointment:

  • Photo identification
  • Social Insurance Number(s)
  • All T-Slips showing income (T4, T4A, T4E, T4RSP, T4RIF, T3, T5, T5007, RC 62, etc.)
  • Final municipal property tax bill (for each applicable tax year) or rent receipts for each address you lived at during the tax year(s)
  • Notice of Assessment or tax return for the last tax year you filed a tax return (if available).
  • For students – tuition receipt (T2202A or TL11A).
  • For dependent children – receipts for child care and Social Insurance Number (if applicable).
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status (if applicable).
  • Canada Revenue Agency letter indicating approval of the Disability Tax Credit (if applicable).
  • Letter from physician indicating you have a dependent with a physical or mental infirmity, stating when the impairment began and how long it is to last.
  • If you sold your principal residence last year, provide the Settlement Statement prepared by the lawyer showing the details of the sale.