GenNext Speed Networking

Join GenNext Simcoe Muskoka for a Night of Speed Networking!

Make connections, learn a few things, and prepare for your next step

Entering into the workforce for the first time can be both intimidating and incredibly difficult. For those just leaving school or thinking about starting a new career, you know that pain all too well.

That’s why GenNext Simcoe Muskoka is hosting a Speed Networking Night for young professionals. We’re taking the format and fun of speed dating, and combining it with professional networking.

You will get four minutes to talk to a seasoned, experienced professional about their journey, any advice they have and how to find the job you really want. After four minutes, you move on to a new professional and go again.

We want to give back with every GenNext, so everyone who comes to the event will go home with:

  • A free LinkedIn head shot
  • The GenNext LinkedIn Tips & Tricks Guide
  • The GenNext Resume Cheat Sheet
  • New connections to help you out

Interested in joining us for some speed networking? Here are the details.

When: Thursday, September 12, 5-7pm

Where: The Collingwood Brewery, 10 Sandford Fleming Dr, Collingwood L9Y 4V7

Admission: FREE with the donation of a gently used piece of professional clothing.

GenNext_ Speed Networking Poster

Why a Speed Networking Night?

Every GenNext event helps to educate participants and GenNexters about a social issue. We call it social events for social good. With our speed networking night, we want to raise awareness of precarious employment.

Precarious employment is a job that doesn’t have the same security or benefits enjoyed by traditional employment. This precarity is becoming the new normal of our workforce, with instances of precarious employment rising 50% between 1993 and 2013. The insecurity caused by this kind of work has a measurable effect on household well-being and community connections, as well as individual mental, physical and social health.

As many as half of all Canadian college and university students are precariously employed. We hope that our Speed Networking night can help some young professionals get that bit of help they need to cope with precarious employment and reach their full potential.

To learn more about precarious employment, join us for our Speed Networking!

Come Prepared!

Networking is a lot of fun, but it’s best to be prepared…especially when you only have four minutes! So make sure to prepare these following things when coming to this networking event or any other:

    • Business cards (You can design and print some at Staples or on Vistaprint)
    • A thirty-second elevator pitch
    • A polished LinkedIn profile (using the tips you get when you register)
    • Dress like you’re talking to a future employer
    • Don’t forget to bring a gently used piece of professional clothing!


Register for the GenNext Speed Networking night at the Collingwood Brewery