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How does poverty impact your health?

We’ve known for decades that poverty has a negative effect on our mental, physical and social health. At its worst, these effects can be lethal. But our medical and social services do not have a platform to connect with one another.

Poverty Interventions Equal Health Interventions is changing that by building a platform that connects health and social services to effectively help the most vulnerable in South Georgian Bay. Once established, this program can roll out beyond this sub-region.

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Who does Poverty Interventions help?

People and Families Living in Low-Income

About Poverty Interventions

Nearly 12% of South Georgian Bay residents are living in low-income households. That’s almost 9,000 people who face the health ramifications of poverty every day. But for those 9,000 individuals, there is a disconnect between medical services and the social services they rely on. This disconnect leaves a glaring gap in someone’s life that can have devastating consequences.

Poverty is a clear determinant of health. For individuals living in low-income households, poverty is linked to 2x the risk of diabetes, an average life expectancy five years less than the average and a 1.5x higher risk of heart disease.

Poverty Interventions Equal Health Interventions fills this gap by creating a cloud-based community Case Management System. This will enable the creation of a Community Assistance Network that allows health and non-health organizations to work together to respond to the urgent needs of South Georgian Bay residents living in poverty and help them move to a healthy life of self-sustainability.

Sub-Region: South Georgian Bay

Local Issues Addressed:

Access to Services

Food Security

Physical Health


Mental Health

Social Isolation

Partners: YMCA Simcoe Muskoka (Project Lead), Community Connection 211 Central East, Georgian Bay Family Health Team, South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre

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