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Social Isolation

While the coronavirus pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, one of the most devastating results of this virus has been the increase in social isolation among Simcoe Muskoka residents.

Social isolation is a state where an individual is cut off from meaningful social interactions. Some people live with social isolation and the connections they have, can easily be counted and rarely extend beyond what is necessary for basic encounters like grocery store cashiers and bank tellers.

As social isolation continues to shrink these dependable connections we invite you to join us for a UWSM Broadcast to learn more about this issue which has also impacted many more people for the first time.

Please join us for our first-ever UWSM Broadcast where you will learn what causes social isolation, how it hurts those experiencing it and what can be done to help. You will hear about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people experience and deal with social isolation from local experts who work with people for whom this condition is all too familiar.

The UWSM Broadcast is an audio event that will be available to listen to from Thursday, July 23 to Monday, July 27. Register below and you will be emailed a link when the broadcast is available for listening.

Social Isolation Resources

Want to learn about social isolation before the Broadcast? Check out these UWSM resources, then tune back in for our Broadcast between July 23 and 27 to get more information about this pressing social issue.

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